Friday, October 21, 2022

*Victory To The French Worker And Student Strikers In Their Defense Of The Right To Retire Before The Grave-Sarkozy Hands Off The Strikers- The Struggle For Power Is Posed- Fight For A Workers Government Now !

Click on the headline to link to an Associated Press (AP)  report on the situation in France (as of October 21, 2010) as the strikers, including student supporters, take to the streets again, and close down public faculties.

Markin comment:

Below is a repost of an October 20, 2010 entry. The main points still stand. Now more than ever the struggle for a workers government is posed. More, later.

Earlier in the day (October 20) I wrote a short commentary concerning a three-point program for home foreclosure relief for the working class in America in order to survive as a class to fight another day. There I noted that one, as least this one, me, expected that the social tinder that has been just below the surface of American society for the past several years would have exploded by now, and that we would have the capitalists on the run, or at least give them a first scare. I also note in that commentary that if the capitalists couldn’t see their way clear to doing the right thing, then they should move on over and keep out of our way. I further noted that that last point would take hard-bitten communists to implement though. The French working class, now joined by students who can foretaste their futures under the new pension plan, in their current defensive struggles to save their pension system and uphold their right to retire before they die, show the way forward for the American working class. Although there too hard-bitten communists are needed to finish the deal. Forward. Victory to the worker and student strikers! Sarkozy Hands Off The Strikers!Fight for a revolutionary workers party that fights for a workers government