Sunday, November 22, 2009

* From The HistoMat Blog- On Marxist Theorist Walter Benjamin

Click on title to link to a HistoMat Blog entry for the great Marxist cultural theorist Walter Benjamin.

Markin comment:

I have noticed over the past several years that the name Walter Benjamin has been more prominently mentioned in the academic Marxist journals and, of all places, positively mentioned in "The New York Review Of Books" articles. I first became aware of the work of Walter Benjamin many years ago in the the leftist cultural journal, "The New Left Review" when there was also something of a previous emerging interest in his work.

It is always necessary to have first-rate cultural theorists on our side. I just wish we could get more Trotskys to lead the struggles, as well. Of course the bourgeoisie is happy to let us have our academic Marxist icons, or at least will tolerate them. Our fighting revolutionary leaders are a different story. They still, for the most part, utter Trotsky's name with anguish and trepidation. I note that hatchet man Robert Service has a new 'biography' of Trotsky out (touted as the definitive bio). I will review that 'thing' after I have read it.

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