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Via "Boston IndyMedia"-Once Again On #Occupy Wall Street- A Dssenting View-OWS Must Engage In Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking Now!

OWS Must Engage In Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking Now!
by Lloyd Hart
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OWS Must Engage In Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking Now!
Must Engage In Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking Now!

By Lloyd Hart

If OWS does not up the stakes to Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking every week day during the working hours the 1% will simply turn their backs and go about their business of reducing America to a zero benefit, minimum wage economy where the cost of living is kept artificially high by a completely corrupt commodities exchange on Wall St.

It can be seen that OWS has been gathering support to build the confidence to take the next natural step to actually challenge the system to share the nation's wealth more democratically but what will that next step be? Will it be organizing more marches that do nothing other than provide group therapy for the nation's economic victims or will it be a real challenge that the oligarch's truly have to deal with?

To date OWS has been nothing but a cheer leader but now must become a player much like the workers movements of the teens, twenties and thirties of the 20th. century that literally fought to the death to get union locals organized, to create the living wage and the middle class that a lot of the OWS activists were brought into life on.

The only thing OWS has to fear is the fear I see emanating from OWS. The only way you can actually make a difference in this country is to shut down the means of production until the bosses come to the table and engage in meaningful negotiations to restructure the economy to distribute it's profits more democratically. Barack Obama has proven this, that elections in America do nothing but maintain oligarch power. So the actual force of change must come from working people in the streets all across America.

With close 50 million living below the poverty line and close 50 million resorting to food banks, OWS should not wait to long to make this decision as OWS will be swept aside by a much larger, much angrier workers movement that will have no patience for OWS's learning curve.

OWS Must Engage In Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking Now!

All my love and support is yours. Lloyd J Hart 508-687-9153

Guidelines For Non-violent Civil Disobedient Traffic Blocking.

Never plan where and at what time you will do an action. Create groups of ten to twenty or more activists and have each group elect a coordinator who will pick a time and location for an action and only announce the action moments before it occurs. While waiting for the coordinator to declare an action the group can choose a flash mob approach and receive a text of the time and location allowing the group to disperse locally before the action or the group can just picket on the side walk with the coordinator before the action is called. This approach prevents undercover police from knowing exactly where and when the action will take place. Once the action begins it will also take time for the police to arrive and get organized for the arrests allowing for the greatest impact on the traffic. The more time your are sitting on the pavement the more the traffic will be snarled.

Do not lock arms or go limp when the police begin the arrests. When police reach down to make the physical arrest give them your arms and let them help you up and walk with them to the paddy wagon. This approach allows less injuries to occur to the activists and the police. It is also important that the coordinator does not participate in the action so that he or she can let the police commander on the scene of the action know how the activists are physically prepared to be arrested. This will put the police at ease knowing they will not have risk injury in the arrests.

When doing an action do not step out into speeding traffic. Wait for a lull in the flow of traffic in the street and then walkout remaining in a standing position until the most immediate cars are halted by your action. Once the traffic has clearly stopped because of your blockage then and only the will the coordinator give the ok to sit down. Safety is of the utmost importance in all these type of actions.

Only activists that know and understand that they may be brought up on actual charges and may have to spend some time in jail should take part in these actions. Always give your name to the police so the legal team that will represent you can find you in the system after the arrest

When doing these actions always keep a smile on your face and good cheer in your heart so the police can see your not angry at them. Your traffic blocking is the general symbol of our collective anger but that does not have to translate to anger between you and the police.

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