Thursday, November 03, 2011

From The "Occupy Oakland" Website-The November 2, 2011 General Strike-Defend The Oakland Commune-Drop All Charges Against The Protesters!

Click on the headline to link to the Occupy Oakland website for the latest from the vanguard battleground in the struggle for social justice.

Markin comment November 3, 2011:

We have won a tremendous victory in Oakland. No, no the big dent in the capitalist system that we are all looking for but the first step. And that first step is to put the words “general strike” in the political vocabulary in our fight for social justice. This Is Liberation Day One. From now on we move from isolated tent encampments to the struggle in the streets against the monster, the streets where some of the battles of our struggle will be decisively decided. Yes, our first day was messy, we took some casualties, we took some arrest, we made some mistakes but we now have a road forward, so forward. No Mas- The Class-War Lines Are Being Drawn- There Is A Need To Unite And Fight-We Take The Offensive-Liberation Day One-Defend The Oakland Commune-Drop All Charges Against The Oakland Protesters!

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