Friday, January 31, 2014

Asylum in Brazil for courageous Edward Snowden!

Asilo no Brasil para o corajoso Edward Snowden!

More than 1 million people have already signed!

Dear friends 
Please sign these petitions requesting asylum in Brazil for whistleblower Edward Snowden, exiled in Russia for revealing massive spying by US and UK governments agencies NSA & GCHQ. His disclosures were widely covered by The Guardian its readers voted him Person of the Year 2013.

Sign David Miranda*'s petition : here
The petition says: [translated from Portuguese]
Edward Snowden gave up everything to bring to light the operation of mega espionage by the U.S. against Brazil and the rest of the world. His passport was revoked by his own country and now he's stuck in a legal limbo in Moscow, with a visa for just one year. Brazil, one of the main targets of espionage, should provide shelter to someone who opened our eyes to the indiscriminate U.S. surveillance globally. It's time to offer Edward Snowden immediate asylum in Brazil!
To sign, go here, enter your email/details and press on
(If asked for your name and country: EUA (USA), Reino Unido (UK) etc)   

* David Miranda is a Brazilian gay man, who was detained on 18 August 2013 for nine hours under Section 7 of Terrorism Act because he was carrying Snowden’s files from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro for his partner, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald. He is taking the UK Home Office to court.
Sign petition from Avaaz (in English) here

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Payday men’s network US:  215 848 1120 / UK:  020 7267 8698
Queer Strike US:  415-626 4114  / 020 7482 2496

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