Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Class Struggle Continues

Capitalist Economies in 7 steps:

1.  Corporations take out loans from banks.

2.  Corporations then extract materials from the earth, labor from people and/or animals (killing many people, plants, trees and animals in the process).

3.  Corporations pay some people some money for their labor.

4.  Corporations make products with those materials.

5.  Corporations sell those products to people who have money.

6.  As this cycle is repeated, the extraction of materials from the earth (and all its human and non-human inhabitants) leads to a BIGGER AND BIGGER HOLE OF INDEBTEDNESS TO THE EARTH. One example of the hole of indebtedness:  global warming which is causing unpredictable, catastrophic climate change

7.  Because human and all other species are dependent on earth's healthy ecosystems for survival, and the earth's ecosystems are in increasing states of degradation, the corporations' collective debt to the earth is leading to the end of human life (and the lives of many other species) on this planet. (note: climate change has already resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and unlimited deaths of animals and plants and the extinction of thousands of species)

Summary statement:  The dominant, global capitalist economic system relies on destruction of our own home--the earth--in order to continue.  If we want to save our home, we must abandon this destructive economic system of capitalism.  We must replace it with sustainable modes of living which are in harmony with the rhythms of our home: EARTH. 

Please see my recent presentation: "Permaculture:  A Viable Alternative to Imperialism" to learn more about healthy ways of inhabiting our planet:


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