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With Wendy’s protest in Louisville, KY, Campaign for Fair Food will come full circle on Day 5 of “Now Is the Time” Tour!
Louisville Fair Food activists brought home first-ever Fair Food agreement with Taco Bell in 2005;
Today they are ready to remind then-Taco Bell CEO/now-Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick of his words on that
historic day:

“We recognize that Florida tomato workers do not enjoy the same rights and conditions as employees in other industries, and there is a need for reform. We have indicated that any solution must be industry-wide…”
tb2When the CIW secured its first-ever Fair Food agreement with Taco Bell’s parent company Yum Brands in March, 2005 it marked the beginning of a process that led, in just five short years, to the launch of the Fair Food Program, a program that today is setting the global standard for the protection of human rights in corporate supply chains. It has been an extraordinary journey, the first step of which was taken nine years ago on a cold, cloudy day in Louisville (right).
Outside of Immokalee itself, there is arguably no community in the country that should be more proud of that landmark victory than that of Louisville’s Fair Food activists. Louisville’s diverse, committed, and relentless group of faith, student, and labor allies pressed their neighbors at Yum Brands headquarters until they did the right thing and set new standards for the protection of human rights that the rest of the fast-food industry leaders would have to meet in the coming years.
The rest of the fast-food industry leaders with the exception of Wendy’s, that is...
Don't miss Louisville's full Fair Food story at the CIW website!

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