Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From Socialist Alternative-Dear Socialist Alternative Supporters,

Frank Jackman comment:

Usually when I post something from some other source, mostly articles and other materials that may be of interest to the radical public that I am trying to address I place the words “ A View From The Left” in the headline and let the subject of the article speak for itself, or let the writer speak for him or herself without further comment whether I agree with the gist of what is said or not. After all I can write my own piece if some pressing issue is at hand. I do so here.   
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Dear Socialist Alternative Supporters,
Bernie's decisive victory in New Hampshire last night continues the historic momentum for a political revolution. The youthful wave of grassroots anger at the billionaire class that boosted Bernie in Iowa and New Hampshire has sent the Democratic Party establishment into a panic.
Clinton is using her corporate funding, the corporate media, and her establishment ties to launch an all-out mudslinging campaign to derail Sanders. But if we organize and fight back, these dishonest attacks on Sanders will backfire on the establishment!

why Socialist Alternative helped launch #Movement4Bernie, and is backing the
call for an all-out mobilization for February
, when Sanders supporters across the country are
organizing a second round of local #March4Bernie actions. 

The #March4Bernie events in January were a huge success, with thousands coming into the streets in dozens of cities. This second wave will be even bigger, and is timed to build momentum leading into the 11-state “Super Tuesday” primaries on March 1st.
We need YOUR help! Sign up with us today to get plugged into your local #Movement4Bernie chapter. If there isn’t a chapter in your area, contact us to start a chapter and to build a #March4Bernie in your area!
Finally, we're asking all supporters to help spread the word on social media by sharing this meme on Facebook to promote February 27th and our new #Movement4Bernie website!
For more information on why we need an independent #Movement4Bernie, check out our new and improved website at
Thanks and solidarity,
Ty Moore
Movement4Bernie Campaign Coordinator

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