Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UFP Action Alert: UFPJ Pushes On

United for Peace & Justice

Dear United for Justice with Peace Activist,
2014 is drawing to a close but we are sure you, as a UFPJ activist, are already looking forward to working for peace and justice in 2015.  The protests that have swept the nation in the wake of the tragedies in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY are signs of new energy to denounce violence and demand an end to racism.  At the same time, on-going devastation in Iraq and Syria, which is the inevitable result of long-term U.S. military action, continues and we must ensure that our voices are raised loudly in opposition.  Your financial support will make it possible for UFPJ to continue to push for reining in military spending, promoting human needs, and supporting diplomacy not threats of violence as our core foreign policy.
UFPJ maintains a platform for committed peace and justice activists like you to communicate and collaborate. We will be pushing hard on many issues:  reducing the immoral U.S. military budget, redirecting resources to urgent issues like ending global warming and promoting sustainable development, and standing in solidarity with those across the nation who are rising up to denounce racism and militarization of the police.  In the coming months we hope to hire an organizer to strengthen and expand our efforts.  Please donate as you are able to make this vital work possible.

Looking forward to working together in the new year to bring justice and peace to our world.

In Struggle,
The UFPJ Steering Committee
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