Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Subject: Largest US Climate Rally Gets Ridesharing Boost

Massachusetts based Ridebuzz.org helped climate activists carpool to the largest climate rally in the history of the US (Feb 17), which turned out over 40,000 activists from across the nation. Ridebuzz is an official Climate Rally Partner, and provided ridesharing to boost Rally turnout - helping supporters carpool to DC from across the nation - contributing to a successful rally!

The Forward on Climate Rally was a historic event [This pic says it all] - organized by the Sierra Club, 350.org, and the Hip Hop Caucus, and backed by 168 partner organizations to encourage President Obama to take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stop the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Obama addressed climate change issues in his recent state of the union address, which received notable applause, and activist would like to see meaningful action taken, that include economic based drivers to rapidly spur a green low-carbon economy. See Ridesharing Knowledge Base below for the economics of ridesharing.

Considering the tremendous scale of this rally, and the need to maintain a harmonious low carbon footprint, connecting would-be-goers in advance of the rally with environmentally responsible ride options was critical to turning out a strong showing of support. In addition to nearly 150 buses coming from 30 states, an online Ridebuzz.org Event Group helped attendees organize their carpools(aka rideshares) from all over the country to boost turnout and reduce emissions, and was listed on the rally website. The Ridebuzz.org website helps people find and share rides - sharing travels costs and cutting travel emissions.

Ridebuzz.org Founder, Jeff Brown noted that “DC is a long haul for many people coming from around the country, and the option to find and share a ride can make the difference as to whether someone attended or not. Sharing rides helps travelers share on fuel costs and reduce emissions as compared to driving alone. And for a long trip, traveling with others is a great chance to meet people that share some of the same values concerning the environment. It was a fun and important trip to DC!”

Ridesharing Knowledge Base:
Ridesharing is a critical transportation strategy for reducing energy consumption and stimulating the economy. By encouraging ridesharing (AKA carpooling), and pursuing a course to double the current US average occupancy rate of 1.38 passengers per vehicle miles travelled (VMT), the US could cut 1.3 trillion vehicle miles annually - saving 60 billion gallons of fuel and corresponding emissions, and save consumers an estimated $211 billion dollars (@ $3.50/gal). Additionally, these savings could be realized with no new infrastructure investments. Fuel purchases drain money from the economy, but savings from transportation are spent in other sectors and create relative job growth (PERI). Transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions(GGE) in the US, passenger transportation accounting for 20% of total GGE (US EPA). By doubling occupancy in the light passenger vehicle category, total US GGE would be cut by 10%. More works need to be done to educate consumers of the environmental and economic benefits of ridesharing! VMT and fuel savings calculated from 2009 FHWA stats (http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policyinformation/statistics/2009/vm1.cfm)

Ridebuzz Info: Massachusetts based, Ridebuzz.org (501c3) is a leading provider of ridesharing services to many events such as the National Equality March, Occupy Congress, and the Forward on Climate Rally. Ridebuzz is used widely by event organizers for conferences, weddings, concerts, rallies, and sporting events. Ridebuzz is also used by businesses, universities, and individuals for commuting, one-time trips, and road trips - on a local and national scale. The challenges of mobility, including the high cost of fuel, and financial barriers to ownership can limit mobility and event attendance. Ridebuzz services bring people together in a socially, environmentally, a financially responsible way. If half of everyone driving joined a rideshare, the cost of vehicle operation and vehicle emissions could be cut in half - saving local communities millions of dollars. Organizers and anyone wanting to encourage ridesharing to events can create a free group here: http://www.ridebuzz.org/groups

Thisone says it all: http://urbanxdesign.tumblr.com/image/43380481135

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