Thursday, March 09, 2017

Sat March 11 Boston Park Street vigil against war on Syria and Yemen 1pm-2pm

Amnesty International has issued a number of reports that
aren’t “factual,” any more than the White Helmets are a 
people-saving group. (Codepink was among the “progressive"
organizations duped by the Helmet propaganda, and is now
—belatedly—saying it will look into its claims, which were
discussed at length this week on the national no-drones
discussion list, after one “progressive” said he cheered
when “White Helmets” won an Oscar.)

Different views on Russia (as the USG continues to
demonize Russia for things it didn’t do) and on the 
war on Syria (which we’ve protested many times,
with Syrians, beginning in 2013)? There are facts
available, rather than opinions, to support truly
united action. I’m tired of sending out links about
Syria, after all these years, but David cites a 
single AI report, which “in his opinion [etc.].

At the #NoNato protests, there were signs 
everywhere by Amnesty and Human Rights
Watch about how much Afghan women’s 
lives had improved as a result of the most
recent war on Afghanistan—an absurd claim.

Some NGOs are NG: no good as information
sources. Particularly bad, of course, are the
NED, USAID, etc., but the supposedly non-
partisan ones should be questioned. Many
people have traveled to Syria themselves,
and have listened to the Syrian people,
among whom there is little disagreement
that the US has been funding terrorism.

One doesn’t “counter” pro-war propaganda by
putting in a single link and calling it “factual." 

Amnesty International Stokes Syrian War

On Mar 8, 2017, at 6:26 PM, DAVID KEIL <> wrote: It's important to stand together against the US participation in the Yemen war and against the intervention in Syria. United action is needed despite different views on Syrian and Russian government actions. We will need to counter p…
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