Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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A discussion hosted by the Boston International Socialist Organization
What's happening in Ukraine?
Thursday, March 13, 7pm
358 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA
(Take the #23 bus from Ruggles to the Harvard Street Stop)

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Join the Boston International Socialist Organization for a discussion this Thursday on the ongoing situation in Ukraine as we work to sift through the rubbish being put out by mainstream media and develop a socialist analysis. As socialists we understand any military intervention from the ruling class is directly against the interests of the working class. So then why exactly has Russia seized military control of the Crimean Peninsula? Why is John Kerry, Secretary of Defense of a country that has an extensive record of military intervention and undeclared wars from the Middle East to Latin America, now coming out against the idea of a military intervention? We will be discussing the imperial interests of Russia and the US/EU as well as what the different forces look like within the ongoing struggle.

While many have painted the protest movement to be completely dominated by the far-right, the far-right is not the only social force fighting for their politics within the movement. While the left is weak and small in Ukraine, they also make up the struggle in the streets. What are the important lessons that we can draw out from these challenges? What is the role of the left internationally in standing in solidarity with workers in Ukraine? And how does the struggle in Ukraine relate to the struggles we continue to see emerging internationally in response to austerity and the global attack on the working class?
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