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You CAN go home again… 

CIW returns to Louisville, the birthplace of Fair Food, to visit with dear old friends and rekindle powerful alliances for the Wendy’s campaign!
In March, 2005, Taco Bell’s parent company Yum Brands, based in Louisville, KY, signed the first-ever Fair Food agreement with the CIW after four long years of boycott.  During those four years, we built deep and lasting friendships with many, many residents of Louisville, people with an abiding belief in justice, in human rights, and in the faith that we can, through our concerted efforts, build a better, more humane world.
But the Campaign for Fair Food did not end with the Taco Bell agreement.  That was just the beginning, and since 2005 much has transpired.  In Immokalee and in Louisville, new children have come into the world and grown into little people, while other children have grown and left home for college and to build their own families.  Among our Louisville allies, many have taken new jobs and launched new directions in their lives, while others have retired and started new chapters in theirs.  And across the country, eleven new corporations have signed Fair Food agreements, while the Campaign for Fair Food has not only grown, but given birth to the groundbreaking Fair Food Program, changing forever how workers are treated in Florida’s fields and the relationship of farmworkers to the industry in which they toil.
Yesterday, the Campaign for Fair Food came home again, to the place where Fair Food was born, to continue the campaign to bring Wendy’s — the final fast-food holdout — into the fold.  And Louisville, as if it were just yesterday that we had last stood together in the streets demanding a penny more per pound from Taco Bell, answered the call...
The CIW's historic tour of Louisville, more photos from the 100-person action at Wendy's, and a video short await you at the CIW website!
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