Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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“This ain’t a protest, this is a celebration…”
“Human rights have arrived in Florida’s fields, and Publix, you are late to the party!”

Those are the words of Pedro Lopez (below, right) – jaranero extraordinaire and the CIW’s most trusted emcee for tours, fasts, and marches since anyone can remember — at the rally yesterday outside a Nashville, TN, Publix, as nearly 200 people gathered following a 3-mile march through the city that once again put smiles on the faces of countless Nashville residents and reminded Publix of the remarkable transformation taking place in Florida’s fields on which it has turned its back.
Pedro was right, and today we wanted to just share that party — organized by our tireless friends at Nashville Fair Food and Dignidad Obrera — through a gallery of shots from yesterday’s march and a video that captures its spirit.
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