Thursday, July 31, 2014

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100 youth leaders from national food movement march on Wendy’s in Albuquerque, NM!

Rooted in Community (RIC) makes Wendy’s a stop on its annual Youth Summit march!
Gerardo Reyes of the CIW (left, in dark shirt) speaks to RIC members following last week’s march on Wendy’s.
Rooted in Community (RIC) is a national network of young food movement leaders that empowers youth across the country to take up leadership in the struggle to change unjust food systems.  A highlight of RIC’s work is the annual Youth Summit, an eagerly anticipated national gathering which took place in Albuquerque this year and was, as always, a high-energy weekend, filled with field trips to local indigenous reservations, workshops on different gardening methods, and conversations on food accessibility and food supply chains.
Also this year, the CIW and the Student/Farmworker Alliance were there to talk about the Fair Food movement and the Wendy’s campaign, and their participation was met with a lot of enthusiasm.  Moved by the unprecedented advances for farmworkers under the Fair Food Program and Wendy’s refusal to support those advances, the conference participants decided to add a Wendy’s action to the agenda.  During a march through Albuquerque planned by RIC youth, the youth leaders stopped for a protest and manager visit at a local Wendy’s, a spirited action that put Wendy’s on notice that, in the words of Catalina Avila, a student at Florida International University, “If they don’t sign [a Fair Food agreement], we won’t buy!”... 

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