Thursday, July 31, 2014

Defend The Palestinian People! No U.S. Aid To Israel 


“Here's the chance to do our part. Take the pledge with me today.”

Pledge to boycott Israel and stop buying Israeli products.

If a large amount of people follow these steps, a dramatic decrease in profit will alert the Israeli government. This dramatic decrease in profit to the Israeli government is due to the fact we are large consumers of products produced by Zionist...See More
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Andrew Taylor and hundreds others pledged




my letter to the ICC: arrest the evil-doer terrorists

sent yesterday
​ ​
Attention International Criminal Court:   []

If justice be done anytime, anywhere, ever - if indeed justice means anything - then you must arrest Stephen Harper [prime minister, Canada] and John Baird [foreign affairs minister, Canada ]  for the creation of Hate Propaganda and promotion of Genocide. You must know that these individuals are using the powers of their office to persuade and encourage Canadians to support the genocide of Palestinians, at the behest of a foreign agent - Israel.

I would ask you to take the same measure against the most senior war criminals in the United States: President Barak Obama, VP Joseph Biden and [former] Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  [i left out: John Kerry, Secretary of State] :-(
That should be a good start and a warning to all other complicits.

The world - let alone the Palestinians!! - can not afford for decent people to dither over, nor condone by their silence, the actions of psychopaths who are a threat to the planet. I do not overstate the case, as i expect you must know. The world cries out of justice and I join them wholeheartedly.
Paula Frances Soto
[address snipped]

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