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The Nation: “Why are students protesting Wendy’s and Publix?”

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Answers to that question and more, with all the latest press from the Fair Food front!
Even as we gear up for what is sure to be an exciting April — the month ahead is already overflowing with events, including the recently-announced screening of “Food Chains” at Tribeca, the CIW’s visit to Amsterdam to participate in Ahold’s annual shareholder meeting, and a trip to the University of California at Berkeley to take part in Michael Pollan’s popular lecture series there, among many other things — we don’t want to ignore the press that continues to roll out this month in the wake of the Now is the Time Tour!  So here below are three of the best articles from the most recent coverage of the CIW’s ongoing Campaign as well as the groundbreaking Fair Food Program.
First up, hot off the presses, the Nation published a quick-hitting story on the CIW yesterday following up on the 10-day, 10-city Tour that hit both Columbus and Lakeland.  This piece is short and sweet, so we thought we’d share it in full:
Why Are Students Protesting Wendy’s and Publix?
nationThe indefatigable Coalition of Immokalee Workers recently wrapped up its “Now is the Time” Tour—a ten-day, ten-city tour designed to pressure Wendy’s and Publix supermarkets—two of the remaining hold-out retailers–to embrace the highest standard of farm labor protections and increased pay in US agriculture, the Fair Food Program.
Wendy’s now stands alone as the only major fast-food brand that has refused to join the FFP, a unique farmworker-driven initiative consisting of a wage increase supported by a price premium paid by corporate purchasers of Florida tomatoes, and a human-rights-based Code of Conduct, applicable throughout the Florida tomato industry.
For the rest of this month's final media round-up, head over to the CIW website!

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