Sunday, January 27, 2019

FYI Only -End U.S. interference in Venezuela, Support the Elected Government

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Pro Maduro Demo


Yesterday, US President Donald Trump took the extraordinary and illegal action to recognize the president of Venezuela's legislature as the "interim president" of the country.The Alliance for Global Justice has launched a campaign against US intervention that includes a petition against regime change efforts. Sign the petition HERE to tell your elected officials NO US-ENGINEERED COUP In Venezuela! It is clear that the US government and corporate media believe they have entered the final offensive to replace the elected Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro with one that will be subservient to US interests. Tell your elected officials (US and Canadian) that you oppose foreign intervention in Venezuela's internal affairs. This action is counter to both the United Nations and Organization of American States Charters and thus illegal under international law.
Massachusetts Peace Action has joined other groups in supporting an emergency speak out tomorrow against U.S. regime change efforts in Venezuela:

Friday, January 25
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Copley Square, Boston

Please join us at the speak out and sign the Alliance for Global Justice Petition  by clicking the button below.
Take Action Now!
In Solidarity,  

Shelagh Foreman
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