Sunday, January 27, 2019

Socialist Feminism: Build a New Women's Movement Socialist Alternative

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Socialist Feminism:

Build a New Women's Movement

Wednesday, 1/23 6:30pm
Encuentro 5,
9A Hamilton Pl.
[Downtown Boston; 1 block from Park St, 2 blocks from Downtown Crossing]

A new women’s movement has developed through the giant women’s marches, the online explosion of #MeToo, and now through workers taking job action to fight sexual harassment. Increasingly women are enraged by there being one set of rules for the elites and another for everyone else.

Over the past decade, feminism has mainly been about celebrating the achievements of individual elite women. These “feminist” CEO’s and capitalist politicians want to see more women at the top, but they still actively work against working class women’s interests. The for-profit health care system, the severe crisis of housing affordability, and low wage jobs, alongside the rollback of reproductive rights and rampant sexual violence all contribute to women’s oppression.

We need a women’s movement with an organized socialist feminist wing that will fight to center the needs of working class women, women of color and LGBTQ people. A socialist feminist movement would point away from the capitalist system organized solely on the basis of profit and toward a new egalitarian society where meeting human needs and eradicating oppression will be the top priority.

Join Socialist Alternative this Wednesday to discuss building the fight against sexism and all oppression under capitalism, and for a socialist society based on our needs, not profit!

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