Friday, February 01, 2019

Wall Street CEO: "It can't be Bernie" Our Revolution Heather Gautney

Our Revolution Heather Gautney<>

Our Revolution

If Bernie runs, he will be up against the entire financial establishment. Wall Street bankers and corporate lobbyists are lining up to oppose him in 2020 because he has a long history of taking on big money interests and oligarchs.
Ideas like universal health care are now mainstream positions among a majority of Americans -- which is exactly why a health care industry group on Thursday launched a digital ad campaign against Medicare for All. And it’s exactly why the CEO of a giant bank just stated with regard to the next U.S. President: “It can’t be Bernie.”
Just last week, the Our Revolution Texting Team turned out more than 30,000 voters for the California Democratic Party’s elections. We helped to elect 646 progressives to positions within the California Democratic Party -- the biggest state party in the country.
Victories like this in California and the Unity Reform Commission’s success in ending superdelegate control of the Democratic nomination process are critical to leveling the playing field in U.S. politics. These victories don’t happen by accident. They take constant pressure and grassroots organizing.
Each of us will have to dig deep. Let’s finish what we started in 2020 and get Bernie Sanders into the White House!
In solidarity,
Heather Gautney
Executive Director
Our Revolution

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