Friday, September 25, 2009

*Canada: Reformists and the Quebec National Question-A Guest Commentary

Click on title to link to guest commentary from the pages of "Workers Vanguard", September 25, 2009.regarding the struggle for independence in Quebec. This, today,as I have mentioned before on this question, is basically my position. It is not clear to me, However, other than some anecdotal evidence from some local sources who keep up with events back home in Quebec, about the heat of the question compared with a decade or so ago when it was definitely a "hot button" question. In any case, the article is very polemical and takes a number of other left organizations to task for their wishy-washy (at best) positions. Comment is therefore expected and welcome.


  1. I know to most Canadians the idea of some Quebecers wanting to bust up the country is a sensitive issue but there's a lesson on how Quebec handles its affairs to which Canada can learn. Quebec fights for its interests. Sometimes they go overboard but the province knows where it stands. Nationalist author George Grant admired this Quebecois moxy and proclaimed in 'Lament for a nation' that while Canada meekly sold its interest to the United States, Quebec was "going down guns blazing" trying to preserve its identity.

    Take care, Julie

  2. I support the right to self determonation for Quebec, as part of socialist Canada.

    National liberation is not possible under capitalism.