Saturday, April 03, 2010

*From The "Max Shachtman Internet Archives"- "The Genesis Of Trotskyism" (1933)

Click on the headline to line to a "Max Shachtman Internet Archive" online copy of his 1933 work, "The Genesis Of Trotskyism".

Markin comment:

In his prime, under the guidance of James P. Cannon in the American Communist Party, especially in their work in the International Labor Defense, and later as a leader of what became the Trotskyist party in the United States, the Socialist Workers Party, Max Shachtman, knew how to "speak" Marxism. Later, after he turned the task of 'socialism' over to the U.S. State Department and kindred forces, he was still facile as a writer but the politics became ugly, very ugly, except perhaps to the late American Federation Of Teachers President, Albert Shanker. Here is an example of "high" Shachtman.

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