Monday, March 12, 2012

From The Archives Of The “American Left History” Blog- As We Prepare For The 2012 Anti-War Season- As The 2010 Anti-War Season Heats Up- A Note On The Three Whales For A Class Struggle Fight Against Obama’s Wars (2010)

Markin comment:

Yes, I know, the weather in the Midwest makes it likely that there will not be a thaw until July 4th. Washington, D.C. an anti- war protestor’s Mecca is paralyzed from the snow, among other little matters like the governance of the country. Florida is off-the-hook with its weather. All true but the hard days of January are none too early to began, at least in our heads, preparations for the anti-war offensive we desperately need to take flight if we are to end these madnesses. With that warning in mind I have three suggestions that militants should at least think about. There are just through into the kettle for discussion at this point. The three whales reference in the headline is not some sly kabalistic reference but taken from the propaganda program of the Bolsheviks who tended to work with three points for ease of agitational effect. Ten and Fourteen Point programs are for political pros, for the rest keep it short and sweet if nevertheless meaty.

One: Recruit and run independent labor candidates for any and all Congressional and Senatorial seats that are open this year. This includes, horror of horrors, going out of our way to oppose so-called progressive Democrats, especially those like Nancy Pelosi who talk the talk, but refuse (or do not want to) walk the walk. If they ask- why pick on old progressive me- she is your retort – Break with the party of war, imperialism and capitalist crisis, break with the Democrats.

The Three Whales of any campaign can, and should, include: Immediate Unconditional Withdrawal of all troops AND a no vote on ALL military budgets; expropriate the banks (and the myriad other such financial institutions that act like banks that have sprung up in late imperialist society); and, build a workers party that fights for a workers government.

Two: Gear up for this years struggle against the Afghan and Iraq war budgets. This is one of the only two ways we can end Obama’s war. Cut off the funds now. Hold the feet of every politician right, left or center, over an open fire on this on.

Three: As mentioned above there are only to ways to end the wars, stop the money and stopping the supply of cannon fodder for the wars. A couple years ago I, and my ad hoc group of anti-war militants, fought around the slogan for the creation of soldier and sailor solidarity committees to reach out to the troops that were actual doing the fighting. This is tough, hard work, especially when there is not the potentially explosive mixture of a draft army is not currently in play, but it is not too soon to start making the links. I note that there is already some action on this front down at Fort Hood in Texas, a key transit area (as we learned tragically in November 2009).

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