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In Boston-Veterans For Peace "Call for Help"-Saint Patrick's Peace Parade-March 18th

Veterans For Peace "Call for Help"-Saint Patrick's Peace Parade

Alternative Peoples Parade for Peace, Equality, Jobs, Social and Economic Justice

When: Sunday, March 18 Where: South Boston

Please join us for our Second Annual Saint Patrick's Peace Parade, the

Alternative Peoples Parade for Peace, Equality, Jobs, Social and Economic Justice.

Once again, both Veterans for Peace and Join the Impact (GLBT) have been denied to walk in the traditional Saint Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston. Last year they gave us a reason for the denial, "They did not want the word Peace associated with the word Veteran". Well last year, in three weeks time, we pulled our own permit and had our own parade with 500 participants. We had to walk one mile behind the traditional parade. We had lead cars with our older vets as Grand Marshals, Vets For Peace, MFSO, Code Pink and numerous other local peace groups.

Seventeen years ago the gay and bisexual groups in Boston were also denied. They were the first groups we reached out to and invited them to walk in our parade. Last year we had Join the Impact with us. We also had church / religious groups, and labor. Last year we stole the press, it was a controversy and we received front page coverage and editorial articles in all of the major newspapers, radio and television reports.

This year we anticipate 2,000 people in our parade, multiple bands, we have a Duck Boat, the Ragging Grannies will be singing from the top of the boat. We have a trolley for older folks not able to walk. We will have multiple street bands, a large religious division, a large labor division and "Occupy Everywhere" division, including Occupy Boston and numerous other Occupy groups.

All we need is you, your VFP chapter, peace groups, GLBT groups, religious and labor groups and Occupy groups. Please come to Boston and join us in this fabulous parade.

Please see the attached flyer and a description of the Saint Patrick's Peace Parade, it's history and where we are.

Please view these two short videos of our parade last year. http;// SpQNW-7 s

Our small parade captured the imagination of the people of Boston, resulting in tremendous coverage, front-page articles in the major newspapers, the Boston Globe, The Metro, television coverage and some interesting editorials. Here is one by Marjorie Egan of the Boston Herald

2011-03-20.BH.Backwards March by Margery Eagan.pdf (26KB)

On behalf of the Saint Patrick's Peace Parade Organizing Committee.
Thank you, Peace,

Pat Scanlon (VN 69')
Coordinator, VFP Chapter 9, Smedley Butler Brigade 978-475-1776

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