Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anyone who get get to Ft. Meade on Wednesday may have a chance to hear Bradley Manning speak at the end of his court martial. I'll be there, and am calling on you once again to pack the courtroom, as we did the day his defense began, and the day the judge's outrageous verdict was announced. The Guardian reports Bradley "may" speak, as the defense ends its case during the sentencing phase.

Bradley Manning Support Network info on attending the trial.

Friday/Saturday August 16/17: Opportunities to see Bradass87 at Spooky Action Theater Washington DC
Details at

Bradass87 is a compelling political drama, examining the motivations of WikiLeaks whistleblower, 25 year old PFC Bradley Manning who is currently facing life in prison for exposing the truth about the American government’s conduct overseas. The source of the Collateral Murder video, the Iraq and Afghanistan War Logs, The Guantanamo Files and the State Department Cables, Bradley has been nominated 3 times for the Nobel Peace prize, and held in extreme solitary confinement.

The play is made up of primary source material: chat logs that led to his arrest in Iraq, transcripts from his ongoing trial at Ft Meade Maryland, and quotes from Daniel Ellsberg, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Julian Assange and other notable voices. DC actor Chris Dinolfo (The Normal Heart (Arena Stage), Next Fall (Roundhouse Theatre), Clybourne Park (Woolly Mammoth), Henry IV (Folger Theatre), The Imaginary Invalid (Shakespeare Theatre), The History Boys (Studio Theatre) will play Bradley.

Debra Sweet & others will speak after the play on the implications of Manning's conviction and the need for more truth-telling. See bradass87.wordpress.com.

I promise we won't murder or torture Snowden*
Obama Wants U.S. “Comfortable” with Vast Surveillance

Barack Obama pulled out the “we’re not Big Brother” line again Friday in the ongoing to effort to bamboozle people alarmed about the vast National Security Agency surveillance of whole populations exposed by Edward Snowden. The important thing to him is not that the surveillance is curtailed, but that you feel comfortable with it.

Tech Crunch outlined Obama’s program to make you comfortable:
1) a new independent NSA review board that will publish recommendations on protecting civil liberties 2) a new website detailing the surveillance activities 3) changes to the Patriot Act authorizing the spying, and 4) a new public advocate to argue cases in the secret court that grants the NSA spying requests.
Reviews, public advocates, and a website (!) all with the intention of making you accept the illegal busting down of virtual walls breaking any remaining protection promised by the Fourth Amendment. Obama straight up lied when saying that
all these steps are designed to ensure that the American people can trust that our efforts are in line with our interests and our values. And to others around the world, I want to make clear once again that America is not interested in spying on ordinary people.
Obama was especially pissed off that Snowden’s revelations continue to be published via Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian, and in other media. These include irrefutable evidence – from the horse’s mouth — of ongoing NSA programs which collect all metadata from very large sections of people, including Stellar Wind, Boundless Informant, and X-KEYSCORE...
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GTMO Clock
“Holding President Obama to his promise to release the 86
cleared-for-release detainees at Guantánamo Bay.
In a major speech on national security on May 23, 2013, President Obama promised to begin releasing the 86 prisoners still held at Guantánamo Bay who were cleared to leave by his inter-agency task force in January 2010 but are still held. This site keeps track of the number of days since then that these men continue to be held captive, away from their families, and notes how many have been released.
Check in at gtmoclock.com.

ShakerShaker Aamer, by P J Harvey

PJ Harvey recorded this song for British resident and Guantanamo detainee Shaker Aamer, based on his letters.


Learn more about Shaker Aamer and other Guantanamo detainees.

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Join World Can't Wait Conference Call

Thursday August 15
10 pm Eastern 7pm Pacific

Bradley Manning is expected to speak during court on Wednesday. We'll talk about this and other developments in his case and ways to spread the truth about war crimes that Bradley has claimed responsibility for informing us about.
We're also looking ahead to October, when the U.S. will have occuped Afghanistan for 12 years; the continuing hunger strikes of GTMO prisoners and CA prisoners.

Letter from Lynne Stewart, Imprisoned Peoples' Lawyer
Lynne Stewart
Friends, Supporters, Comrades:
Well, we are once again being educated in the meaning of “protracted struggle”, not that anyone wanted or needed this. It was clear yesterday in Court in NYC that Judge Koeltl was not going to act solely within the “spirit ” of the law but would instead rely upon the Bureau of Prisons to make a “legal” motion on my behalf. Although the lawyers valiently argued that justice does not allow for a “right” without a “remedy”, in my case, the right to die at home and the fact that there is no appeal (remedy) from the Bureau’s decision.
There are new and compelling facts now before the BOP–the prognosis now of 18 months and the fact that the PET scan revealed that the most serious cancer (of the lungs) is getting worse. The Judge yesterday, asked the Government to concede (as their papers did by not contesting any facts) that I qualified in every respect for the release. They, of course, remained silent. For that reason I am asking once again that all of you send a “shout” out to the BOP [Federal Bureau of Prisons], AG Holder and Pres. Obama and express any outrage you might feel that the days and months are ticking by and I remain in Texas. The DC Prison Bureaucracy clearly would just as soon see me die here.
So, not to be discouraged or disinheartened by this latest legal impediment–the walls of Jericho DID come tumbling down, eventually !!
Love Struggle, Lynne
Call the Director of the Bureau of Prisons:

MR. CHARLES E. SAMUELS, Jr., Director,
Federal Bureau of Prisons,
320 First Street, NW
Washington, DC 20534
Re: Lynne Stewart #53504-054 Compassionate Release
(202) 307-3250/3062

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait

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