Friday, September 20, 2013

Update 9/17/2013: Chelsea Manning and the Arab Spring

Chelsea Manning and the Arab Spring
Among the thousands of documents that Pvt. Chelsea Manning released were documents exposing the crimes and corruption committed by Arab dictators, such as Ben Ali’s regime in Tunisia.
Sami Ben Gharbia, Founding Director of Global Voices Advocacy and Co-founder/Admin of the Tunisian award-winning collective blog, writes:
“The battle for a transparent and accountable world is spreading, despite all the measures of repression and surveillance. It’s being carried by a worldwide movement exposing secrecy, corruption and human rights abuses, for which Chelsea Manning will be an inspirational and iconic figure, as free as her ideas and dreams while her body is behind walls and bars.”
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Testing The Military On Transgender Issues
Transgender members of the military may be a minority, but their struggle to receive recognition and medical treatment needs our support, especially while serving in a military prison like Pvt. Chelsea Manning.
Aaron Belkin, a political science professor and director of the Palm Center, discussed the matter with NPR:
There are about 120 transgender people in an online support group for active duty transgender service members. Scholars are working on a number for how many are serving in the military currently, but, Belkin said, that number could run well into the thousands.
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A Chelsea Manning Mural in Veterans Alley, SF!
While officially called Shannon Alley, Veterans Alley was created to honor US veterans through art, with murals telling their story. Iraq War veteran and IVAW member Aaron Hinde put together a mural for Pvt. Chelsea Manning, with the help of few other veterans.
Here are some pictures of what Aaron did:
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To learn more about Veterans Alley, click here.

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