Monday, December 30, 2013

***The Roots Is The Toots- The Music That Got Them Through The Great Depression And World War II…


…he wished he had never been born, never, not after that stunt that he pulled that last leave he had before he shipped out, shipped out East on this damn floating bucket of a troop transport that was heading, heading to who knows where, and who cares, except it has hard fighting, slopping through some muddy roads, and hard death written all over wherever that it was. But what lied ahead was nothing compared to that foolish stunt. He didn’t have to even say that it involved a her, her his sweet Maggie, Maggie O’Leary to be exact because there are a lot of Maggies in the world, although now he knew, knew maybe too late that there was only one for him.

He could not believe that he left her that night, that last gorgeous night telling her that given what was ahead for him he would rather she not wait for him. She cried, cried hard at that. But that was not the stunt, not by a long shot, since those kind of partings with this damn war on were a dime a dozen, maybe cheaper.

What he did after he left her though, figuring he was a free man, was call up Daisy McNamara and spent the night at her place, spent it you know how so nobody has to go into details. And that next morning who sees him catting out of her place but Liam O’Leary, Maggie’s older brother. He tried to call her, no answer, he wrote, wrote about six times, trying to explain what a cad he had been and just this minute he was waiting as he had for the past several days for mail call. Yeah, he wished he had never been born…    

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