Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Greetings to All Friends

of Dorchester People for Peace!

Best Wishes from DPP to those observing the holidays – or simply enjoying the spirit of the season. . .



We have posted these videos many times before during the Holidays.  Watch them for the first time if you haven’t seen them before; watch them again and you won’t be disappointed.



In December, 1914, after months of slaughter during the First World War (it was supposed to be “The War to End all Wars”!), British and German soldiers declared an informal and spontaneous truce.  The story of their fraternization and holiday celebration is told in detail here and here.




Christmas In The Trenches VIDEO:  

The event has been immortalized in a song by folksinger John McCutcheon, which you can hear and watch along with contemporary illustrations and a moving introduction by the performer.


The song ends with this stanza:

My name is Francis Tolliver, in Liverpool I dwell
Each Christmas come since World War I, I've learned its lessons well
That the ones who call the shots won't be among the dead and lame
And on each end of the rifle we're the same.


*   *   *   *

Celebrating War Over and Over and Peace Once 

From Bavaria to New Zealand, town squares across the world are adorned with memorials to local men “fallen” in 1914-1918, and statues and plaques honoring the war’s leading generals can be found from Edinburgh Castle to Pershing Square in Los Angeles. But virtually nothing similar celebrates those who served the cause of peace. The Polish-German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, who argued against the suppression of free speech both in the Kaiser’s Germany and in Soviet Russia, spent more than two years in a German prison for her opposition to the war. The eloquent British philosopher Bertrand Russell did six months’ time in a London jail for the same reason. The American labor leader Eugene V. Debs, imprisoned for urging resistance to the draft, was still in a federal penitentiary in Atlanta in 1920, two years after the war ended, when he received nearly a million votes as the Socialist Party candidate for president… Perhaps when the next anniversary of the Iraq War comes around, it’s time to break with a tradition that makes ever less sense in our world. Next time, why not have parades to celebrate those who tried to prevent that grim, still ongoing conflict from starting? Of course, there’s an even better way to honor and thank veterans of the struggle for peace: don’t start more wars.  More


*    *    *    *

VIDEO: John Lennon – HAPPY CHRISTMAS (The War is Over)





John Lennon

(killed on December 8, 1980)

VIDEO:   “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”



Yusuf Ibrahim (aka Cat Stevens)




VIDEO: “Peace Train”


*   *   *   *

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