Tuesday, May 16, 2017

From Veterans For Peace Stop Endless War • Build for Peace! Washington DC May 29-30

Stop Endless War • Build for Peace!
“War is a racket: A few profit, the many pay!” – Maj. General Smedley D. Butler, USMC
May 29 and 30, 2017  Washington DC
May 29, 2017:  Letters to the Vietnam Memorial Wall • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
May30, 2017: Lafayette Park • White House

In response to President Trump’s outrageous budget proposal, including a $54 Billion increase for the Pentagon, VFP and other veterans groups will not be silent. Planning for this was started in response to VFP’s great statement about Trump’s Military Budget and our desire and responsibility as veterans, citizens and human beings to express our strong resistance to his policies and our commitment to find a better way to peace. 
The following activist VFP members have been involved in the planning: Matt Hoh, Mike Marceau, Mike Tork, Nate Goldshlag, Nick Mottern, Paul Appell, Ray McGovern, Roger Ehrlich, Sam Adams, Will Thomas, Bill Perry, Doug Rawlings, Ellen Barfield, Ellen Davidson, Gene Marx, Ken Ashe, Mark Foreman, Mike Ferner, Mike Hearington, Gerry Condon, Barry Riesch, Ann Wright, Barry Ladendorf, Bill Creighton, Brian Trautman, Dan Shea, Doug RyderElliott Adams, Ken Mayers, Monique Salhab, Patrick McCann, Paul Appell, Vicki Ryder, Ward Riley and Tarak Kauff
Here’s the basic schedule:
Monday, May 29: Meeting at 9 AM at the Bell Tower, adjacent to the Wall for a briefing by Doug Rawlings and an opportunity to read some of this year’s letters; 10:30 AM, we deliver letters to The Wall; from 11:30-12 we proceed ½ mile to MLK Memorial; at 12:30 we begin a public reading of MLK’s Riverside Church address, his Beyond Vietnam speech. After the MLK event we gather back at the Bell Tower to engage with the public. At 6:30 PM we meet for a social gathering at Busboys & Poets.
Tuesday: May 30: 10 AM rally at Lafayette Park w/hour of short, uplifting speeches, then around 11 AM going to the White House fence to demand our meeting with the president. We will read the letter from Barry Ladendorf, President of VFP, who will have sent previously to the White House asking for a public meeting. We do not expect a response.  The letter is very good.
 We will have legal support and musical accompaniment. 
For more information contact Tarak Kauff, VFP National Board Member takauff@gmail.com 845 679-6189 or 845 706-0187
For more information on the Letters to the Wall project contact Doug Rawlings  rawlings@maine.edu 207 500-0193

Hundreds of Veterans and allies gather at the White House December, 2010 to demand Peace


Nate Goldshlag      nateg at pobox.com (replace at with @)
Arlington, MA       http://www.veteransforpeace.org

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