Saturday, October 14, 2017

November 1-National Mobillization to Stop War on North Korea

National Mobillization to Stop War on North Korea

Veterans For Peace is proud to join in with a new campaign led by Women Cross DMZ and includes CODEPINK: Women For Peace and United for Peace and Justice for anational mobilization next month.
The U.S. and North Korea are on a dangerous path towards a military confrontation that could kill millions and engulf the world in a nuclear holocaust.  It's time for U.S. peace movemnt to mobilize opposition to Trump's saber rattling and demand a diplomatic solution.
To bring the peace movement up to speed, we are hosting a series of online teach-ins on the historical roots of this conflict and what we must do now to avert war.
This educational series will culminate with a week of action November 6-11, including teach-ins, visits to local congressional offices and protests.  For more infomration contact:
The upcoming webinars are:
ECONOMIC WARFARE ON NORTH KOREA: Impact of Sanctions on North Korean People.  Wednesday October 18th, 2017
7:00PM EST 4:00PM PT

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