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Sign the petition: End military draft registration once and for ALL! Courage to Resist

Courage to Resist Jeff Paterson<>
Courage to Resist
end draft registration
Sign the petition: End military draft registration once and for ALL!
Federal Court rules current men-only mandatory registration unconstitutional 
"I join many in voicing my opposition to expending mandatory draft registration to women. Now that the men-only registration requirement has been ruled unconstitutional, I urge that mandatory draft registration be ended for everyone, once and for ALL!" - petition to the military service commission a…
hasbrouckA Federal District Court judge issued a declaratory judgement on Friday, 22 February 2019, that the current requirement for men, but not women, to register with the Selective Service System for a possible military draft is unconstitutional.
How did this happen? What did the Court say? Is this a surprise? What does this decision mean? What will happen next? What should happen next?...
Congress should repeal the Military Selective Service Act in its entirety, abolish the Selective Service System, and expunge all registration records. Failing that, Congress should at minimum repeal the current registration requirement. In either case, Congress should also repeal all provisions requiring compliance with draft registration as a condition for other programs, and restore eligibility for these programs to those who never registered with the Selective Service System.
Perhaps most importantly, Congress, the President, and the Pentagon should revise their thinking and planning to recognize that a draft is not an option, even as “Plan F for Fallback” after Plan A (active-duty troops), Plan B (reserves), Plan C (National Guard), Plan D (allied forces and proxy warriors), and Plan E (mercenaries/contractors). The real victory of draft resistance will not be in preventing a draft, important though that is as a step in the right direction, but in reining in military adventurism.
Until that happens, young people should continue to resist or evade draft registration, and all of us should support them in their noncompliance.
Edward Hasbrouck will be an expert witness before the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service on April 25th at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. This is a public meeting. Please attend if you can.

Read Edward Hasbrouck's compete report

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