Saturday, October 08, 2011

Greetings From Occupied Boston-Via The "Occupy Boston (#TomemonosBoston)" Website-The Latest From "Occupy Boston"-Day Nine Round-Up- We Created The Wealth, Let's Take It Back! Labor And The Oppressed Must Rule!

Click on the headline to link to a Occupy Boston entry from the Occupy Boston website an occupation that started at 6:00 PM, September 30, 2011. I will post updates as they appear on this site.

Somos la Sociedad conformando el

Dewey Square
Cercerde South Station


Tomemonos Boston se reuniarin en el Dewey Square
en Downtown Boston a discutir cambios que la ciudadania puede hacer en el gobierno que afecte un cambio social positivo.
Markin comment October 1, 2011:

There is a lot of naive expressed about the nature of capitalism, capitalists, and the way to win in the class struggle by various participants in this occupation. Many also have attempted to make a virtue out of that naive, particularly around the issues of effective democratic organization and relationships with the police (they are not our friends, no way, when the deal goes down). However, their spirit is refreshing, they are acting out of good subjective anti-capitalist motives and, most importantly, even those of us who call themselves "reds" (communists), including this writer, started out from liberal premises as naive, if not more so, than those encountered at the occupation site. We can all learn something but in the meantime we must defend the "occupation" and the occupiers. More later as the occupation continues.

Markin comment October 2, 2011:

Hands Off The Wall Street Occupiers And The Occupation Site- Drop All Charges Against The Protesters.

Markin comment, October 6, 2011:

Very good to see the labor movement (MTA, nurses, Greater Boston Labor Council)coming to support these actions-It is the same struggle, same fight. We created the wealth, let's take it back! Labor and the oppressed must rule!

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