Monday, March 26, 2012

All Out Tuesday March 27 At 12 Noon At Harvard’s Science Center In Support Of The Harvard Library Workers -We Are Rallying For Education, For Libraries, For Jobs!

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We Are Rallying March 27th For Education, For Libraries, For Jobs

Harvard University announced January 19th that it intends to reduce the size of the library workforce. Harvard already down-sized library staff in 2009 by more than 20% with early retirement buyouts and layoffs. Workers have struggled to continue providing quality services under speed-up conditions and outsourcing and are now faced with the threat of even more layoffs. Library workers who are spared from actual layoff are being told they'll have to re-apply for positions. Harvard also recently laid off workers in the Medical area.

Harvard hasn't cited financial need to make these cuts. Their endowment grows and the library budget was only 6% of their total expenses in June 2010 and is now just 3.3% of total budget (Feb. letter from Provost). Harvard is trying to unilaterally impose a restructuring plan that will further reduce costs, a plan that they refuse to disclose or discuss with HUCTW, concerned staff, students and faculty.

The largest employer in Cambridge, the third largest employer in Massachusetts and the richest University in the world should not lay off workers in a still depressed economy. They should not lay off workers who are vital to the operation of the Library. They should not outsource jobs.
TODAY is an important day of NATIONAL MOBILIZATION on education issues. OCCUPY groups, unions and many other students groups today are conducting actions nationwide in defense of education.

Harvard Library Workers, Other Harvard Workers, Students,
Faculty, Union Members and Community Allies Are Here Today to Support Quality Education and to SAY NO! TO HARVARD LAYOFFS

If you oppose layoffs, please send an email protest.

Email Harvard President Drew Faust ( and Provost Garber (alan

Please Cc the following address or contact for more info: harvardnolayoff@

Sample text: "I oppose layoffs in the Harvard Libraries. A University should be protecting these services, not reducing them in favor of outsourcing. Layoffs damage the local economy and ruin lives. Harvard can only be a better library with adequate staffing. Library workers, a library's lifeblood. are not expendable resources."

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