Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Out In The Be-Bop 1950s Night- Shake, Rattle and Roll- Big Joe Turner Is In The House- A CD Review

Click on the headline to link to a YouTube film clip of Big Joe Turner performing hi classic birth of rock ‘n’ roll song, Shake , Rattle and Roll.

CD Review

Big Joe Turner’s Greatest Hits, Big Joe Turner, 1991

A few years ago there was a little controversy about whether songs like Joe Turner’s Shake, Rattle and Roll or some early Elvis Presley tunes like Hound Dog or It’s All Right, Mama represented the genesis of rock and roll. That might be an interesting discussion for musicologists with time on their hands but if you really want to know the answer listen here. If you do not find the base line here for all later classic rock then I am afraid it is lost in the mist of time. Musical trends draw from many influences but the rhythm and blues of the early 1950’s seems to have been the real jump point for the turn to rock. Just look who covered th ething-ya,Elvis, Jerry Lee and Bill Haley.

This compilation, that is moreover technically competent, is a case study for the above stated propositions. It all comes together here on Blues in the Night. The two parts of Around the Clock Blues are nice. As is Blues on Central Avenue.

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