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The CIA tortured! That's new? No... but the debate over how much we get to know about it is big news.

People working to expose the truth on the torture camps -- including Guantanamo, Bagram, but some still secret "black sites" -- have been demanding for years that the Senate Intelligence Committee's report of their investigation be made public.  On Wednesday the still-classified content of the report was making headlines, with MSNBC saying "CIA Lied About Torture to Justify Using It":
A Senate intelligence committee investigation found that the Central Intelligence Agency employed brutal interrogation methods that turned out to be largely useless and then lied about their effectiveness, according to The Washington Post.
It's not news that Dianne Feinstein, that most prominent backer of all things NSA, and who heads the Senate Committee, was in on the torture virtually from the beginning, as a Congressional leader who was briefed on it. Now she's all, "that never should have happened" — but it was the Democrats in power — in collusion with the Bush Regime who allowed and fostered torture in the name of "national security."

The most  crucial part of this story is still unfolding.  More infighting over the potential that revelations could lead to more investigation -- which could, if we mount the requisite demand for it -- mean prosecution for those at the top of the torture regime.  It would take a huge political fight, but it's the one we need to expose the utter illegitimacy of what the U.S. did -- and is still doing.
Is anyone at the top who was responsible for torture going to be investigated, charged, prosecuted or imprisoned?  There is disagreement at some levels of the government over this -- but it's going to take a much louder outcry from people to bust this huge web of lies open.  It's time, and it matters.

Thanks to the National Religious Campaign Against Torture for staying on this, and getting religious leaders to demand the report's release to the public.

RIP Casey Sheehan 5/27/79 – 04/04/04 & Thank YOU Cindy Sheehan

Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of the death of Casey Sheehan in Sadr City, Iraq Casey was a mechanic, forced to pick up a gun and pushed into battle, his life, wasted by a regime bent on spreading empire.  It was Cindy Sheehan who unmasked the Bush Regime, asking, at Camp Casey outside Bush's ranch, "what noble cause" her son died for.

Cindy and her family will be together marking this anniversary.  You can send her a message which we will forward as a group commemoration.

We continue to appreciate Cindy's actions in 2005, especially, which re-ignited the anti-war movement and touched millions of people who knew the war was wrong.

American University students walk out on 'war criminal' Cheney

mugshotCHEERS for the students at American University in DC who protested Dick Cheney — and forced him to deny being a war criminal.
“More than two dozen American University students staged a walk-out protest during an address by former vice president Dick Cheney at the Washington, DC school on Thursday.

“Some of the students called Cheney a ‘war criminal’ as they left the speech, which was hosted by The Kennedy Political Union, MSNBC reports. Cheney denied the ‘war criminal’ charge, saying that ‘the accusations are not true,’ according to The Eagle, American University's student newspaper. ‘Some people called it torture, it wasn't torture,’ Cheney told American University student television station ATV, referring to the so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ approved for use against terrorism suspects by the highest-ranking Bush administration officials.

“While insisting that the interrupted drowning technique known as waterboarding isn't torture, in 2011 Cheney acknowledged that it would be unacceptable for Iranian interrogators to waterboard an American citizen. Still, Cheney was unapologetic following the American University protest. ‘If I would have to do it all over again, I would,’ Cheney insisted during the ATV interview. ‘The results speak for themselves.’”
Continue reading and watch the video at

April 5, 2010: Collateral Murder hit the internet, immediately concentrating the debate over whether the U.S. military's actions of killing civilians, and laughing about it are legit.

Collateral Murder is the military's own video of 12 Iraqis being shot and killed from a US helicopter circling above. No one has been charged in connection with these killings. However, (former) Pfc. Chelsea Manningm then known as Bradley Manning, was sentenced to 35 years in prison after leaking this video to Wikileaks. World Can't Wait is distributing copies of this harrowing video so that many more people in the US see what is being done in their names. Watch online.

Due to the overwhelming response to our offer to provide copies at no charge, supplies have been exhausted. We will gladly send copies at the cost of production & postage (price: $4.00). Purchase now.
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