Sunday, February 08, 2015

Time for the Global Super Power for Peace and Justice to Rise Again!


United for Peace & Justice
Take Action on February 15 and Beyond… 
On February 15, 2003, the world said no to war. Over 20 million people in at least 600 cities around the world took to the streets to oppose the impending invasion and occupation of Iraq, giving voice to the sentiment of billions. The New York Times called it the rise of a new superpower: world public opinion.
 War, occupation and austerity have not made the 99% safer. War benefits the arms makers, military brass, energy cartels, war lords, drug lords and opportunistic and corrupt politicians everywhere, but leads only to misery, destruction, dislocation and death for the majority of ordinary people. 
In honor of February 15, 2003 and the Global Superpower of the people let’s rise againto work together anew to build a sustainable world  without racism, militarism and police brutality that is rooted in true peace with justice, dignity and respect for all!
  • February 15th:  The World Says NO to War!  We Say YES to Peace with Justice!  Consider organizing a rally, march, vigil, speak-out, die-in, reading of names; leaflet or engage in more creative nonviolent actions at police stations, military facilities , corporate offices or government buildings in your community.
  •  March 19th:  Commemorate the 12th anniversary of “Shock and Awe” with candlelight vigils, events and discussions about the cost of war to our families and communities.
  • April 15 (Tax Day in the U.S.):  This year’s Global day of Action on Military Spending is April 13. It will be observed in the US on April 15. Join with thousands around the world taking action to protest the expenditure of our tax dollars on armaments and militarism and demand that military spending be redirected to meet human needs. 
  • April 24 -26:  Join the Peace and Planet Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Just and Sustainable World, international days of action in New York City and around the globe on the eve of the 2015 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference at the United Nations.  The nuclear-armed nations have not met their NPT disarmament obligations and are modernizing their nuclear arsenals. With dangers of wars among nuclear-armed nations growing we need to step up our demand for a nuclear-free, just, sustainable world.
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