Saturday, November 26, 2016


Last month this writer wrote a blog (see blog, dated July 11, 2006) commenting on the 53rd Anniversary of the Cuban July 26th Movement. Today, August 1, 2006 brings news that, due to problems related to recovery from recent surgery, Fidel Castro is ‘temporarily’ handing over the reins of government to his brother, Raul. This writer makes no bones about his political differences over the years with the Castro brothers. However, at some level those differences were ‘within the family’ although I do not want to stretch that notion too thinly. The point I make here is this. Soon, and maybe very soon, the previously somewhat abstract need to defend the gains of the Cuban Revolution may call for action by militant leftists and others worldwide.

I am not totally aware of the reaction by the people in Cuba of this news concerning the only leader most of them have ever known. I, however, do know that they are dancing in the streets of ‘Little Havana’ in Miami. And that, my friends, as we know from the long history of counterrevolutionary Cuban efforts there, aided and abetted by some agency of the United States government, is not good news for militant leftists. For now, be ready. U.S.-END THE BLOCKADE OF CUBA! U.S. OUT OF GUANTANAMO NOW! DEFEND CUBA AGAINST U.S. IMPERIALISM AND THE ‘LITTLE HAVANA’ CROWD IN MIAMI AND ELSEWHERE!

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