Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Veterans For Peace Calls For Solidarity with Standing Rock

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VFP Calls for Solidarity with Standing Rock this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving season, we are witnessing, yet again, brutal acts against Indigenous People and their lands.  The Dakota Access Pipeline is yet another act of violence and genocide against Native people and reminds us that our colonial past is actually our present. It threatens the safety of land and water across the country, as well as violating treaties.  However, the prayerful and powerful resistance at Standing Rock is inspirational and has galvanized worldwide solidarity.
Veterans For Peace understands that the struggle for Indigenous rights cannot be decoupled from other movements for equality and justice. This Thanksgiving we know that there are many struggles around the globe, at home and abroad.  As veterans, we are aware of our legacy as military veterans as participants in the ways in which we have perpetuated injustice across the globe and against indigenous people. We, as Veterans For Peace believe that violence and injustice must be challenged and ended in all its forms and that human dignity must be protected and defended.

We know that many people have come to see this holiday as a way to value gratitude, reflection and peace.  Veterans For Peace continues to be grateful for all those who work for peace and express great admiration for the resistance of all peoples against injustice.

This Thanksgiving, we ask that you take action and stand in solidarity with the native resistance at Standing Rock.

Read Standing Rock's call to action and Veteran For Peace's Full Thanksgiving Statement

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Buy Nothing, Support Peace!

As activists we all know Friday is "Buy Nothing Day"
We also recognize that the answer is not to avoid all shopping on one day of the year, but rather to change our relationship with consumption more thoroughly. And to do so year round, rather than on one particular day. We know that we can also redirect spending away from corporate chains and online giants toward locally owned, community-based businesses (and justice organizations like VFP!) as a means to combat consumerism
We know how important it is to spread the message of peace throughout the year, and one of the easiest and simplest ways to do that is by wearing Veterans For Peace gear.  Starting on Saturday, the VFP Store
is going to offer a special discount 10% off orders equal or above $30.00.  
From Saturday-Saturday, next week, enter the code ShopVFP to receive your discount!

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Sign the Petition: Commute Chelsea Mannings Sentence!

Chelsea Manning has been incarcerated since May 2010, including in unlawful, unusually harsh solitary confinement for 11 months before her trial.
Chelsea has already served more time in prison than any individual in United States history who disclosed information in the public interest. Her disclosures harmed no one.

Please commute Chelsea Manning's sentence to time served.

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New Counter-Recruitment Tool Available

For peace-oriented people interested in counter-recruiting, we have a new resource available: "A Soldier's Life".  This website and video are made for high school students to discourage them from enlisting in the military.
The Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice and Veterans for Peace co-created the video with professional photographer and CCPJ Board member Richard Lord.
Please feel free to share this with young people and their families. 

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In This Issue:

VFP Calls For Solidarity with Standing Rock This Thanksgiving!

VFP Ballots: Don't Forget to Vote!

Buy Nothing, Support Peace!

Activist Travel Opportunity: Cuba

Vietnam Tour Dates: Apply Now!

Is Veteran Incarceration Another Cost of War?

Sign the Petition to Commute Chelsea Manning's Sentance

New Counter Recruitment Tool Available!

Save the Dates: Upcoming Events

VFP Ballots: Don't Forget to Vote!

Veterans For Peace Ballots for the 2016 elections need to be postmarked by Wednesday, Nov. 30th!  It's so important for YOUR voice to be represented!  So don't forget to vote, and remind a fellow VFP friend!
 If you are a current member and have not received the ballot in the mail, please submit this form to receive a ballot.

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Have you Sent Us Your Pictures of Armistice Day?

Do you have photos from your event?  Please upload them to our Armistice Day photo page!

Check out all the great actions on our Member HighlightsBlogs, or read all of the great Letters to the Editors our members submitted and be sure to check out the picturesfrom various actions around the U.S.!
Do you have photos from your event?  Please upload them to our Armistice Day photo page!

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Travel Opportunity for Activists: Cuba

Join us in February 6-12 2017 for a tour of Eastern Cuba. See the Caribbean portion of this fascinating island on a fun filled 7 day tour to Santiago, Holguin, and other sites in the lesser known parts of Cuba. Check out the itinerary and prices

We will depart from Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Please contact me by phone or email if you think you are interested in joining us, and I'll tell you about the flights in Cuba. Cuban airfare is $145, which is not included in the tour cost.
Jim Ryerson, 323-504-5054,

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VFP Annual Tour to Vietnam!  Apply Now!

Each year since 2012 members of Việt Nam's Hoa Binh (Peace) Chapter 160 of Veterans For Peace (VFP) invite up to 20 veterans & non-vet spouses & peace activists to come to Việt Nam every Spring for an insider's 2-week tour. DATES:  March 5-21st
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Nadya Williams, VFP Volunteer Spring Tour Coordinator in San Francisco.  E-mail:  Home: (415) 362-0162; Cell: (415) 845-9492

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Is Veteran Incarceration Another Cost of War?

Thanks to Chapter 132 for submitting this great resource.  Listen to the podcast and scroll down for links to other resources.
Karen James, on her program, "Prison Pipeline" on KBOO, hosts a special discussion about veterans and the criminal justice system with Vietnam veteran William B. Brown and Robert Stanulis. Both doctors have worked on numerous criminal cases involving veteran defendants in both state and federal courts and will discuss PTSD and the need for culturally competent mental health providers, prosecutors, etc. in the evaluation of veteran defendants.

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Save the Dates For Upcoming Events!

Dec 1-2 - Washington D.C.  #IraqTribunal sponsored by CodePink
March 11 - Half Day VFP Retreat in Nashville: contact Joey

Veterans For Peace, 1404 N. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102

Veterans For Peace appreciates your tax-exempt donations.
We also encourage you to join our ranks.


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