Saturday, November 26, 2016


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For better or worse, Thanksgiving has become a customary holiday of family gatherings across the country.  However we mark the day, let’s all pause to remember the holiday’s origins – and the Native American genocide that followed.

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Image result for indigenous peoples dayAlison sent this along:
Recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day in Boston 
UU Mass Action, working in partnership with Indigenous Peoples Day MA joined the call for the Boston City Council to abolish Columbus Day and honor Indigenous Peoples Day by October of 2017.  (Note: We are focusing on Boston at this stage in the campaign). The deadline to sign is NOV 23d.

This is an indigenous-led campaign.  UU Mass Action is working in solidarity with the campaign leaders.  We ask that you join this effort by taking two actions today:
Sign the Indigenous Peoples Day MA petition available HERE
Sign the UU Mass Action letter in support of this effort  - CLICK HERE

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