Sunday, November 13, 2011

From The “Occupy Cal” Website-In Honor Of The November 2, 2011 Oakland General Strike-We Take The Offensive- Defend "Occupy Cal"!-Hands Off "Occupy Cal"!-Support The "Occupy Cal" Student Strike! All Out November 15, 2011 In The Bay Area!

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Markin comment November 3, 2011:

We have won a tremendous victory in Oakland. No, no the big dent in the capitalist system that we are all looking for but the first step. And that first step is to put the words “general strike” in the political vocabulary in our fight for social justice. This is Liberation Day One. From now on we move from isolated tent encampments to the struggle in the streets against the monster, the streets where some of the battles will be decisively decided. Yes, our first day was messy, we took some casualties, we took some arrest, we made some mistakes but we now have a road forward, so forward. No Mas- The Class-War Lines Are Being Drawn- There Is A Need To Unite And Fight-We Take The Offensive-Liberation Day One-Defend The Oakland Commune-Drop All Charges Against The Oakland Protesters!

P.S. (November 4, 2011) I noted above some of the actions were messy in Oakland. This was so partly because it was seen as a celebration as much as demand-loaded, hard-nosed general strike started as a prelude to anything immediately bigger (like the question of taking state power and running things ourselves) but also because people are after all new at this way of expressing their latent power. 1946 in Oakland, and anywhere else, is a long political time to go without having a general strike in this country. Even the anti-war mass actions of the 1960s, which included school-centered general strikes, never got close to the notion of shutting down the capitalists where they live-places like the Port Of Oakland. There are some other more systematic problems that I, and others, are starting to note and I will address them as we go along. Things like bourgeois electoral politics rearing its ugly head, keeping the thing together, and becoming more organizationally cohesive without becoming bureaucratic. Later.
Markin comment November 11, 2011:

The struggle in the Bay Are continues. No sooner do we have a great victory in Oakland with the shutdown of the Port Of Oakland and positive General Strike results than everybody on the other side and their brothers (and sisters, don’t' forget Mayor Quan) is trying to stop us again. Ditto the attempts to set up an encampment at Berkeley by Occupy Cal. No Mas- Support the student strike Tuesday , November 15, 2011.All Out To Defend Occupy Cal!

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