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Independent 2nd New Hampshire Congressional District Candidate And Iraqi War Veteran Daniel Keating Joins In The Portsmouth “Welcome Home” Tribute To Returning Iraq War Veterans On July 8, 2012

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From: The Keating For Congress Committee

In re: Press Release- Welcome Home Paraded In Portsmouth, N.H. on July 8, 2012

Date: June 22, 2012

The Keating For Congress Committee today has announced that 2nd New Hampshire Congressional District Independent candidate and Socialist Alternative activist Daniel Keating joins in efforts by fellow 2nd District citizens and all New Hampshire citizens to pay a “Welcome Home” tribute for retuning Iraqi and Afghan War veterans in Portsmouth on July 8, 2012. Danny Keating, himself an Iraqi War veteran, while, perhaps, having political differences with some of the organizations and individuals who have helped organize the event around those war can agree with one Veteran For Peace member that we can “pay tribute to the common soldier who did his or her duty as they saw it, if not the cause.”

Danny Keating, while paying tribute to his fellow veterans, notes that while a one time “welcome home” event is a worthwhile endeavor the problems of returning veterans (and of serving soldiers as well) have not adequately been addressed by either Bush or the Obama administrations. He calls, first and foremost, for the immediate unconditional withdrawal of all U.S./Allied troops from Afghanistan. And to use those war funds to provide veteran services from A to Z. Moreover, Danny Keating in travelling around the 2nd district and other locales talking to veterans, has become painfully aware that from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the struggle to adjust to the “real world” to getting jobs, education and decent, affordable housing, to the mounting (and appalling) evidence of extraordinarily high suicide rates and other maladies returning Iraqi and Afghan War veterans have not been provided governmental services commensurate with their sacrifice.

Danny Keating, if elected, from Day One in office pledges to use his 2nd District offices as virtual adjuncts to the Veterans Administration. Further he will fight for massive job, housing, educational and other appropriate services programs for his fellow Iraqi (and Afghan) veterans, all veterans, and all citizens of the 2nd district. Vote Keating For Congress!

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