Friday, September 15, 2017

From Socialist Alterative- Tell the big developers what YOU think


Minneapolis is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis.

With each passing year, rents climb further out of reach for everyday working people and families. On average, a one bedroom apartment in Minneapolis goes for $1200 a month - that’s a 15% increase since 2009!

The “let the market handle it” approach isn’t working for the vast majority of Minneapolis. Big developers pretend housing is a simple issue of supply, but of the 5,600 rental units planned for the metro area in 2016, only 1/10 were slated to be affordable. We need a new vision for our city - one that puts the needs of renters and working people before the needs of big developers and people who own mansions.

We need a representative who is NOT FOR SALE to the highest corporate bidder. We need Ginger Jentzen for Minneapolis City Council Ward 3.

Ginger is the only candidate who’s firmly pledged not to accept money from big business or big developers. While Minneapolis City Council members pay themselves $80,000/year, Ginger would accept only the average wage of a resident, donating the rest towards building social movements.

Please chip in $50, $100, or $600 today to the campaign that’s NOT FOR SALE.

We want to print hundreds of these yards signs to fill our ward with the exciting message of a candidate who’s not for sale. But we need YOUR help. You can have a real impact. 
Please donate $50, $100, or $600 to get these signs in the yards of hundreds of homes.  If you’d like to put one up in your yard please contact us.  
Prepared and paid for by Vote Ginger Jentzen (not corporate cash) PO Box 583162 Minneapolis MN 55458

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