Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Reality Winner Supporters Gather in Texas; Don't Prosecute the Canary

stand with reality winner
Family and friends of Reality Winner pulled together a lovely gathering on September 2 in Kingsville, despite many challenges, including Hurricane Harvey.

Breaking news:
By Rainey Reitman. We should be working to secure our election infrastructure and following commonsense best practices. Instead, our government is prosecuting a whistleblower.

Many who first heard about Reality Winner assumed her name must be an alias or a codename. We've finally uncovered the truth about her real name.
STAND WITH REALITY WINNER ~ PATRIOT & ALLEGED WHISTLEBLOWERc/o Courage to Resist, 484 Lake Park Ave #41, Oakland CA 94610 ~ 510-488-3559
standwithreality.org ~ facebook.com/standwithreality

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