Friday, August 24, 2018

Parade Postponed-We Must Continue the Momentum!

Veterans For Peace<>
Since the first day this parade was announced, Veterans For Peace members have been organizing to stop this parade.  Yesterday, one day after the No Trump Military Parade coalition, of which Veterans For Peace is a founding member, announced that 187 organizations would be joining together to protest the parade, including hundreds of veterans, our hard work paid off!

However, we can’t stop until “postponement” turns to CANCELED! 

Protest actions being planned for D.C. will go ahead, and Veterans For Peace will continue with the planning of their silent memorial march to Reclaim Armistice Day in Washington D.C.  Veterans and military family members will lead a solemn procession among the various war memorials on the mall on November 11 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended the horrible carnage of World War I.

Street theater will dramatize the costs of war and challenge the manipulation of support for soldiers, veterans and war dead to prepare the public for rich men's wars.

Can you join us in D.C. and help out our continued organizing by donating today?

Veterans For Peace
1404 North Broadway
St. Louis MO 63102
We also encourage you to join our ranks.  

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