Wednesday, October 10, 2018

On The 80th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Fourth International-The100thAnniversaryYearOfTheBolshevik-LedOctoberRevolution-Lessons- *From The Marxist Archives- On The Anniversary Of Trotsky's Fourth International

Click on the headline to link to a "Workers Vanguard" article, dated October 10, 2008, concerning the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International, the successor, if stillborn, to the moribund Stalinized Communist International as the nucleus of the international revolutionary party.

Markin comment:

I always have to laugh when I hear about meetings of the truly moribund Socialist International, an International that has not been a revolutionary organization since at least 1914. Of course these meetings do not oblige anybody to anything but are merely a "mail drop" for those who yearn to show their alleged 'socialist' credentials before going back to administer the capitalists states at home, or act as a prop, sometimes the last prop, for those states. Jesus, what madness. The point of a revolutionary international, in contrast, is to to lead the international socialist revolution and, as importantly, to create an international leadership to direct that revolutionary process and cut across the national isolation that will ultimately destroy any nationally-limited organization as a revolutionary force.

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